The Effect of Celebrity Social Media on Political Awareness

In today’s culture of instant 24/7 access, celebrity has a different meaning.  Not only can you know what a person is doing instantaneously, but you can know their political views on a variety of social networking sites.  I think it is each person’s responsibility to be socially aware of the world around us and to take part in the great debates of our times.  Unfortunately, some of today’s society simply echo the sentiments of the stars of the day without doing their own research on the topics being discussed. 


I’m not going to lie.  I follow Ian Somerhalder on Instagram because he is severely nice looking.  And, I know he has a passion for animal conservation that I agree with.  But then he posted this…

iansomerhalder What Hobby Lobby and the Supreme Court think of you ladies… Have at it- pass it around, make some noise. It’s the year 2014 wtf! Or wait! Is it the year 1014? Keep em barefoot and pregnant I guess!? Population at 9 billion by mid century! Can’t feed the 7 billion we have now! But DONT WORRY EVERYONE! MONSANTO WILL FEED THE WORLD- Then! Then, we can all make lots of money off of the big pharmaceutical stocks because drug companies will be so busy feeding drugs to sick people because on genetically modified organisms! WooooHoooo! Wow can’t fuc()$& wait!


I like that Mr. Somerhalder is passionate.  We should all have passion for our country and our fellow man.  But, he omitted some facts.  And had numerous young, impressionable people blindly agreeing with him.


Here are the facts:

  1.  Hobby Lobby provides at no cost to their employees 16 forms of birth control including birth control pills, patches, diaphragms, condoms, etc.
  2. Hobby Lobby does not pay for 4 methods of birth control that they consider life ending because they are a religious based company.  These are Plan B, which is also known as the “morning after pill,” Ella, another emergency contraceptive, Copper Intrauterine Device and IUD with progestin — forms of birth control that some believe can cause or are akin to abortion.


From looking at Mr. Somerhalders post, you would think that Hobby Lobby was against all manner of birth control which is not true. 


The fact of the matter is, is you don’t like the benefits that Hobby Lobby chooses to offer, don’t work there.  The same as if you don’t like the 50% match a company offers on 401k contributions or the dental insurance.  If those 4 forms of birth control being offered to you free because the company will pay 100% of the cost is a deal breaker for you, don’t apply to work for Hobby Lobby. 


Seems simple enough to me. 


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