Late night Ambien Poetry

I used to dream of someday and wish upon the stars

And hold my wishes deep inside like fireflies in their jars

But then you came along and shared my someday dreams

Our love was born beneath stars and carried on moonbeams

And though I know the feelings are different now than then

Wanting to remember, I got my paper and my pen

Love that has changed but never died is what is left for me

Holding on too tightly forced me to set you free

So calls now go unanswered and texts are far and few

Who I wasn’t changed but she still remembers you

I understand the distance to keep the lines distinct

One second eyes wide open and the next they seem to blink

And though I like our random nights spent living in the then

The next time we talk the distance is back again

The difference in your voice from when I was her to me

I would ask to have that voice back in a heartbreaking plea

But I’m not her and your still you and that will never change

I’d spend every dollar I have if that could be arranged

Just one night to go back and share the same night moon

To talk about the stars and wishing you here soon

It’s hard saying goodbye to someone that you hold dear

Harder even hearing it when true feelings become clear

I know I now am relegated to the occasional phone a friend

I only hope that one day our dreams can fly again

That we can have that closeness that we’ve always had before

I’m here as your phone call or your text but maybe more

Maybe one day I’ll see a star that brings alive desires

To give that star a wish deserved and rekindle long cold fires

If not, I’ll go along pretending as your friend

But my heart deep down this love with never end.


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