Setting Free

I knew what I wanted. I knew it was you.

But now your true colors have come shining through.

You take without giving and never think twice.

Your emotional experiments with me as your mice.

Pulling me closer to push me away.

Constantly leaving expecting I’ll stay.

Ignoring my needs in lieu of your own.

Never staying to tend to the seeds you have sown.

I’d leave if I could, if my heart weren’t so weak.

Maybe with leaving your interest I’d pique.

But you’d hardly notice if I disappeared.

Then I’d have the answer that I’ve always feared.

I’m just a convenience, a boost when you’re down.

No more treading water you’d leave me to drown.

Why do I love you and never myself?

Take care of your needs and put mine on the shelf?

Because, through it all, you deserve more than me.

I trapped you to get you, now I need setting free.

So leave me here waiting where I was when we met

But know in my heart I’ll never forget.


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