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It’s been a minute…time for a rant!

I am absolutely disgusted with so many of the 20 something’s out there. With the huge things that are going on around the world you would think something of importance would be on their minds. But, what’s trending on Twitter? Beingmaryjane. And replacealetterruinatvshow. What the actual hell??

There is an entire generation that thinks that lifting the sanctions off of Cuba is a good thing because Beyoncé and Jay Z like Cuba! They don’t bother to do the research to find out about the atrocities that the Cuban government inflict on its citizens. It’s enough that two largely irrelevant pop stars like it. Come on! Grow both a spine and a brain!

When we stopped letting children fail, when everyone gets a prize, we created a generation of citizens that want nothing more than to tie with everyone else. What happened to excelling? To being a leader? Where, in the real world, does everyone, regardless of effort, get the same results? We crippled an entire generation with mediocrity. It’s the number one disability in our country today.

The generation that will be running our country in a few decades is too busy being politically correct to be politically active. They spend more time reading Anime and Manga than in reading the news. They neither know, nor care, who are the people that will likely be elected to run the country next year. They are having debates over whether Beyoncé was the greatest half time show ever (she wasn’t…not even close) instead of debating the important things like health insurance regulations and the national debt.

Maybe it’s because they don’t have to care. Most of them are still financially still living off of their parents. They are spoiled to someone else having to make the important decisions while they’re busy acting like overgrown teenagers. How are they ever going to man up enough to create a responsible generation in their own children if they can’t let go of being the children.

If the world, for one day, quit catering to their whims, quit showing selfies of Kim Kardashian’s ass, showed nothing but the important things, they’d pout and be overwhelmed in realness. If they suddenly had to find out on their own what the issues are instead of being spoon fed their opinions on social media, what an eye opener that would be!