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Waning Moon

Punished for lies and banished for truth

The price to be paid for a misspent youth

You beg me to stay just to tell me adieu

Disregarding all I have stayed through

Never enough no matter how much I give

Remember to forget and forget to forgive

I make myself over to be what you need

Doomed always to fail and never succeed

One misspoke word, one glimpse inside

Erased all the good and the times that I tried

To put your needs first, to see to your fate

My time is over, for me it’s too late

But you, you’re my hope.  The dream in my heart

Though my time is ending and I’m soon to depart

You’re at the beginning with so much to come

I wane like the moon while you rise like the sun

Your happiness taken I fully repay

And ask for forgiveness for the trust I betrayed